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"The void that fills the whole."
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Soul Phantasms



Skycrown Family


Kalana Sierra Elstreheim (Spouse); Ralara Szaufer (Daughter)

"Mister Skycrown acts according to his love for his...child. Miss Arynea is certainly lucky to have such a man for a father."
— Rowan

Rowan is an Ereva from the planet Rinul who serves within the Skycrown Household, primarily as a caretaker for their daughter, Arynea Skycrown. He is husband to Kalana Elstreheim and the father of Ralara Szaufer.


An average yet slender build with a definite proper air about him, Rowan stands just under six feet in height. His face is best described as smooth with a slightly pointed, smaller nose neatly situated in its place. Grey-blue eyes are often seen locked in position when their owner becomes lost in thought. Triangular, pointed ears blend into his chin-length silver-blonde hair that he never allows to be cut any shorter.


Rowan is calm, respectable and down-to-earth in nearly every aspect of his life, despite his younger age. He speaks little of himself and will evade such topics by tactfully redirecting conversation to other subjects. Within his gentlemanly exterior lies a scarred boy he keeps suppressed through his constant service for others and depression medication only his employer knows of.

Skills and Abilities


In his early years, Rowan showed a natural gift for light based magic and loved to produce lights of various colors so much his parents had difficulty getting him to sleep at night. His boyhood was spent making himself known and light was his favorite way of doing it.

After the tragedy regarding his father, Rowan took a complete one-eighty and his inherent magic turned as dark. No matter how hard he tried he could never produce light again. He pursued his new traits further and soon learned how to conceal himself that perhaps he might hide from the vicious world he was doomed to live within. This lead to further developed into his discovery of nihilimpery.

Inherent Abilities

As an Ereva he has somewhat heightened senses, especially for hearing and smell.

Learned Skills


Soul Phantasms

  • Nihilimpery: Used mostly in methods of concealment, Rowan is capable of partially erasing his own existence for a brief time. In this state he must maintain a cognitive actuality of his own true reality or else he will gradually forget himself and, if not corrected, be lost to the void forever.


  • Presence


  • Green Crystal: As an Ereva, Rowan received a light green crystal from Rinul at his birth. He had the gem custom shaped into an oval and either attaches it to a cuff or to a bracelet in warmer weather.




  • Arynea Skycrown: Rowan serves as Arynea's all-time caretaker ever since the tragic death of the girl's older brother. While maintaining a formal and respected demeanor, Rowan also seeks to fill, or at least lessen the void within Aryn's heart. The endeavor is to strengthen the struggling youth, but is also therapeutic for Rowan as well.



  • "Oh yes flowers are pretty. Mhmm. But- yes yes flowers. Yes yes, I'd love to meet her. But is miss Kala here? I'd like to see Kala first, okay?" - Rowan, when seeking to get Plamya's attention.


  • Rowan has relinquished his surname, thus going solely by his first name. In times of necessity, he will use his mother's maiden name, Myrocas.