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The Silisi are an Ean race created by Sil, the Ean god of Water. They currently inhabit Silisium on Ea.


The Silisi are humanoids that have an average height from 5'7" to 6'0" and rarely leave those bounds, although it is possible. They are built toned and are very thin and have very little fat. No Silisi grow hair anywhere, instead they grow fins on their heads and on their arms and calves. These fins can grow to be nearly any length. Fin growth starts at puberty and usually ends by the time a Silisi reaches the age of 18, although there is variation.

Skin colour varies as well and a child can have any skin colour regardless of their parent's skin colour. Colour can range from sea green to swamp brown and anything in between. Bright colours, like coral pink and orange, are uncommon, but possible. Some Silisi also get patches of darker and rougher skin.


Silisian physiology is similar to human physiology with a few notable exceptions. Silisians have five fingers with webbing in between each finger up to the first knuckle. Skin is somewhat thicker than human skin and smoother, which helps to make them faster swimmers and retain heat better in water. The most important difference is the addition of gills that allows Silisians to breath underwater.

Silisi give birth to live babies and breast feed for the first two months. After those first two months meat is introduced into the baby's diet.


Silisians main ability is that they can breath underwater. They are also slightly more agile and stronger than humans.


The Silisi live in family groups consisting of the parents and children, and occasionally a single grandparent. Most Silisi have one to three children and care for them until they are taken away for schooling and eventually career selection. Most Silisi usually wed a clan mate they met in school but politically driven marriages between the children of clan leaders are also common. The Silisi are divided into nine Clans: Wesilla, Syn, Cilv, Lloz, Hilph, Rillm, Zul, and Vaar. Currently the Wesilla rule the island.

Silisi diet consists mostly of rice and seaweed and meat, with a preference for raw fish. Rice and seaweed have different levels of popularity depending on location. Seaweed is most popular on the coasts while rice is more popular near the Great Lake and the Northern half of Silisium.

The Silisi enjoy activities that show off physical and mental prowess and all jobs have their own importance. For every career there is a competition to determine who is the best. Besides those competitions, there is also a Biannual competition that is open to anyone and is used to find the most physically fit person on Silisium. More than half the island shows up for this competition.

The Silisi also speak a language given to them by Sil and is the official language of Silisium. Some Silisi have also learned Russian from contact with Novvyland settlers and pirates.


The Gods drew from the same ideas for populations and as such, Silisians can interbreed with the other two races. However, only the first generation of Silisian hybrids retrain the ability to breath underwater. Sil, the God of Water, created the first 54 Silisians.


The Silisi believe they were created by Sil and worship him as their chief deity.