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Sky Serpent

Scientific Name

Anguis caelum aeternus (Temporary)

Native Planet



Warm climate, mountainous regions. Sky Domains

Conservation Status


Sky Serpents (Suikaitana: Nekuiya, literally "Eon Serpent") are a sapient, serpentine race with a strong affinity towards the Primordial Aether, Eon. Sky Serpents are one of the dominant races on the planet Mantua. However, they often travel offworld in nomadic tribes to settle on other planets.

A group of Sky Serpents is called a Pit.


Most adult Sky Serpents are at an average length of 11 to 21 meters with little to no difference in size between males and females. They are long, horned serpentine animals plated with a single row of large nearly-pointed back plates starting from their shoulders down their spines. Unlike other types of serpent, Sky Serpents have arms that are retractable along with two spike-like appendages near their tail, using them as a way to stand tall or provide air equilibrium. Their tails have two fins on each side that act as air sails along with four tendril extensions on their back to manifest Eon wings.


Depending on their body's Eon Circuit potential, a Sky Serpent's scale color may vary. Highest potential would warrant white scaling while lowest would be black scaling, signalling the Sky Serpent has little to no Eon in its being.

High potential with Eon has shades of light and dark blue through green, medium potential would have yellows through reds, and low potentials would have purples through black.




Sky Serpents are close relatives to Sea Serpents, and are close relatives to the Royale Serpent. Along their history, humans have been in a bitter struggle with them, going so far as using Sky Serpents as experiments that eventually led to the "accidental" creation of the Sky Serpent's most hated adversaries, the Nekuna.



The origins of this ancient race are unknown, but they are believed to have been crafted by the Gentuans with the purpose of also becoming "one with Eon."