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The Chaos Breakers are a large group of mages from throughout the Manaverse concentrated on the planet Yulatra. The group created and continues to maintain an interplanetary transportation network that spans many planets in the Manaverse. Their primary purpose is to gather knowledge to learn more about the nature of the Manaverse, and to teach magiology to anyone who takes an interest in the subject. Though not particularly malevolent in nature, the organization's existence is considered dangerous by some. It was founded by Flimzakin Viseren at the beginning of Graiin's rule over Yulatra.

Goals and Ideals

The primary goal of the Chaos Breakers as an organization is to learn more about the Manaverse. They maintain an impressive network of interplanetary gateways on any planet that will allow them to, rendering their base of operations a large hub for Manaverse activity, and rather a microcosm of the various races of the Manaverse. They also seek to teach the study of magiology to anyone who is interested. They welcome all mages, both new and experienced alike, although the more seasoned mages are generally given the resources and approval to pursue their own independent research. Additionally, veteran mages are offered access to any planet connected by the aforementioned network that is maintained by the Chaos Breakers.

New mages who join the Chaos Breakers are taught magic, and are then expected to help the veterans pursue their research.

The organization is not particularly secretive; rather, it is in fact incredibly open. Members are allowed to leave the organization if they so choose. However, they must hand in all of their research up until that point and file paperwork on why they are leaving. When mages disappear without giving this information, they are assumed to have found something they want to keep secret, and are hunted down by the Chaos Breakers.



  • Carl Ziino: A human mage who is the head of general paperwork and project management, and is considered second in command.
  • Dise: A dragon of an unknown species who is also the head of the network that connects the Chaos Breaker Tower to the other planets within the Manaverse.
  • Flimzakin Viseren: A powerful mage, and the leader and founder of the Chaos Breakers. He is often off-world working on his own projects. He typically leaves administrative duties in the hands of his four commanders: Carl, Dise, Pokopoko, and Saline.
  • Pokopoko: The head of resource management, training, and living accommodations.
  • Saline: The head of the library and archive of information.

Notable Members



The Chaos Breakers exist in a giant tower that looks over the continent of Villu, Yulatra. Officially named the Chaos Breaker Tower, it is a hundred floors tall, with an 8000 kilometer diameter. Flimzakin Viseren brought the tower into existence when he became powerful enough, although there was no "process" of him setting it up; rather, it appeared inexplicably overnight. Due to its large diameter comparative to its height, it became known as "The Wall at the End of the World" by sailors who saw it in person. This eventually was adopted as the building's semi-official name.

Because of its scale, the actual internal space of the Wall at the End of the World can be a mess. As there is not sufficient management employed in order to cover the expansive surface space that the Tower spans, and because it is so varied in terms of population, many large sections of the tower often form their own "regions," according to the major populations from other planets. Sections of the floors generally have their own 'theme,' which varies depending on who has chosen to take up residence on a particular floor, and what conditions they are most comfortable living and working under.



The Chaos Breakers organization was founded towards the beginning of Graiin's rule of Yulatra by Flimzakin Viseren, a powerful mage, who set up a massive tower on Yulatra when he became powerful enough. There is no known process as to how the Chaos Breaker Tower appeared in its location; it simply appeared overnight, as though by magic. From within it, Flimzakin worked with Dise and others to create a massive network that spans the various planets of the Manaverse. As this network grew, they began recruiting mages from other planets. Within a decade, the organization had grown to a fairly large size.


  • The population of the Chaos Breaker Tower itself far exceeds that of the actual planet Yulatra.