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Babelspeech, alternatively referred to as the Common Language (or Common for short), is arguably known as one of, if not the most, widespread languages within the Manaverse. Babelspeech is a memetic language, or in other words, it is a language with strong memetic properties—the concept of the language itself is an infectious idea that writes itself into the Mind Component. An unaffected listener, through exposure to the language, will find themselves capable of comprehending and understanding Babelspeech innately, and speak it rather fluently in relation to native Babelspeech speakers. This process is not immediate, and repeated and sustained exposure is required to properly trigger the memetic agent. From the perspective of an individual who is first exposed to Babelspeech, they will gradually begin to understand words and sentences until an arbitrary level of fluency is reached.

The integration of Babelspeech into one's brain is not always perfect, and it is not uncommon for "accents" to develop in cases where Babelspeech is learned as a secondary language. Prominent examples of accent-inducing native languages would include Drakine, and Degol.

The properties of Babelspeech allow it to spread very quickly, and allows for the unambiguous communication between sapient races across the Manaverse.

The origin of Babelspeech is unknown. A common theory proposes that the language was originally divine in nature, as a method of communication between the deities.