Omen Version 13

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Omen Version 13
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Soul Phantasms

Vectors, Misfortune Mist





Omen Version 13 is the 13th Diclonius completed by the GARNET Research Facility's DEICLONOS Project. He is one of seven Diclonii that survived the destruction of their facility. Following his escape, he began to wander across the Manaverse, traveling to planets such as Terra, Rokans and Daeridune.


Omen is at least 5'5" in height, and is relatively well-built with light pale skin. He has messy, ghost white hair going down to the base of his neck. His hair has black tips, with a barely noticeable color gradient at the points where the color changes. He has gray eyes, which have a teeth-like pattern within them that act as a transitional layer from the iris to the pupil. Below his left shoulder is a serial number aligned toward his arm, in black that displays "013". Both of Omen's index fingers are black, while his left ring finger has a scar spiraling from the tip down toward the palm of his hand.

Omen wears a gray sleeveless waistcoat that has an image of a black four-leaf clover on the back of it positioned over his upper spine. Over this, he wears a black hoodie with a similarly shaped hole on the back of it over the image. On his fingers are thirteen black rings arranged differently on his hands. On his right hand, there are three rings on his middle finger, and two each on his thumb and index finger. On his left hand, there are two rings each on his middle, index, and little finger. He also wears black pants with a single vertical white stripe on the side of the left leg, and a pair of gray boots.


Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasm

  • Vectors: Like other Diclonii, Omen is capable of producing psychokinetic limbs known as vectors from his upper spine. However, he has displayed the lowest vector count among Diclonii, capable of only producing 2 of them. However, these vectors are capable of extending farther than those of any other Diclonii, reaching a maximum length of 30 meters. These vectors also seem to be impervious to his mist, as they have been shown to be cloaked within it without any noteworthy drawbacks.
  • Misfortune Mist: Omen has the ability to produce and manipulate a black, wavering mist which seems to bring misfortune to anything it touches. It has been shown to cause inanimate objects to shut down, malfunction, break apart or self destruct. When applied to living creatures, it will afflict them with random ailments, the ailment(s) or severity of them varying depending on the individual and the length of time they're exposed to it. Ironically, Omen himself does not have an immunity to it.


  • Misfortune:


  • Plague Blockers: The thirteen rings arranged on Omen's fingers. When all thirteen rings are worn, they provide an artificial defense against his Misfortune Mist. In addition, these rings seem to be some of few objects unaffected by the mist.





  • Omen is the only surviving Diclonius whose name does not consist of six letters.
    • Omen also has the shortest name of any surviving Diclonius.