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The Cult of Dakology (referred to in shorthand as CoD) is a Karthinian organization of religious origin that exists within the derelict Ghost Station that can be found in the Tulsa Star System. The Cult was founded by a Lombard Fumerian by the name of Khorvarsh Kemini. Despite the ever looming threat of Imperial occupation, the Cult of Dakology has proven itself to fare well against the space-faring Karthinians, and has only recently been recognized as an independent society within the empire, although the cult itself is largely rejected by the empire as a whole. It is led entirely by Dr. Dakka, an active supercomputer that is built as the Ghost Station's main operating system, and regularly gifts its members with powers considered unreachable by the Karthinian Empire.

Goals and Ideals

The Cult of Dakology follows the monotheistic religion of Dakology; that is, the belief that Dr. Dakka is to be considered a deity, and that it created the Fumerian species and placed them on the planet of Karthoum. The goals of the Cult are apparently simple yet often considered overbearing- for the Fumerian species to live under the power and guidance of their deity, as they believe it is the only real way their species can survive in the Manaverse.


  • Khorvarsh Kemini: A Lombard Fumerian from Karthoum. Khorvarsh is considered the first to discover the Ghost Station during an early Fumerian exploration initiative. He found that the Ghost Station was still very active and capable of supporting life, and eventually became enamored with the wonders the station had to offer, especially its only inhabitant, Dr. Dakka. The supercomputer explained to him that he, too, was once a Fumerian, and that their species was once a thriving and powerful species that was capable of doing things one could only dream about. He explained that the time for their species to rise again will come, if Khorvarsh brought more members. From there, the Lombard Fumerian founded the Cult of Dakology, along with the religion, and continued to do what Dr. Dakka told him to do. In return, Dr. Dakka bestowed upon him gifts of knowledge, technology, and powers that were deemed unfathomable by the Karthinian Empire, such as agelessness and the ability to create life. After a time, Khorvarsh suddenly disappeared one day. At the time of SCT, Khorvarsh's status is unknown, although Dakka explains that he is researching a "special project" for him, and will return "shortly".
  • Dr. Dakka: The supercomputer and main operating system of the Ghost Station. Dakka claims that he was once a Fumerian, and that the Fumerian race was capable of doing great and unimaginable things. But then an unforeseen horror occurred, and sent the Fumerians back into a primitive age. Dakka believes that the species is very much capable of returning to its original state, and emerging as the powerful species it once was. Dr. Dakka stands as the Cult's leader and deity, and guides its every move in exchange for technologically and magically uplifting its members.


  • Karthinian Empire: The Cult's relationship with the current Fumerian society is poor, and for the most part the Empire sees the Cult as "powerful extremists". Upon finding the Cult's true motives, the Karthinian Empire has gone to war twelve times with the Cult, and has never won against it. The two finally agreed to a pact of nonaggression and amnesty, finally allowing the two to coexist in the same solar system. Given the opportunity, however, the Karthinian Empire will take no hesitation to wipe out the Cult.


The Cult's organization is located in the bluntly-named Ghost Station located in the Tulsa Star System.