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A Lombard Fumerian

Scientific Name

Fera Sapiens Felidae, Fera Sapiens Vulpes

Native Planet

Karthoum, Akalay


Prefer temperate or cold climates with moderate humidity.

Conservation Status

Least Concern

Fumerians ([IPA], scientific name Fera Sapiens Felidae or F. S. Vulpes) are a race of sapient, long-eared furred individuals that originated from the planet Karthoum. Since their existence, they have been known to emigrate from their homeworld and spread out to inhabit other planets as well. The origins of how the Fumerians came to be is unknown, even to the Fumerians themselves, as there is little to no evidence supporting evolution or spiritual coming. There is a theory by the Cult of Dakology that has yet to be disproven, stating that it was in fact Dr. Dakka that created the Fumerian species through human testing. Whether this theory is correct or not is unknown.


Fumerians all share the general traits of large, pointed ears, a long, straight tail, and fur. Both subspecies are naturally either white, black, tan, brown, gold, or grey, although one can easily dye all of their fur an artificial color. However, there is some differences in appearance that separates the species into two noticeable subraces; the Lombards (Lombeaux in Karthic-Royale) and the Bulfas (Bulfau in Karthic-Royale).


Lombard Fumerians are more feline in appearance, have larger ears, and have long fur only at the very ends of their tails. Lombards have a triangular fur pattern that goes all across their body, usually being a darker color than their fur. A Lombard's average height is around six to seven feet.


Bulfa Fumerians are slightly different than Lombards. Bulfas are more vulpine in appearance, have flatter ears, and have long fur all over their tails. Bulfas usually have no noticeable fur patterns, and are usually one color all over. A Bulfa's average height is around five to six feet.


Fumerian biology is fairly close to that of a human, although Fumerians prefer more colder temperatures and darkness as opposed to humans. They have no padding on their hands or feet, but have sharp teeth and advanced hearing capabilities. They breathe at a noticeably faster rate than humans, and as such have a faster heartbeat. With this in mind, Fumerians also require more energy to function, do not typically become overweight, and are susceptible to more diseases than humans.


Lombards are taller and are more adapted to fleeing rather than fighting. As such, Lombards have evolved to be naturally agile. Lombards are also highly communal, and as such use buildings and numbers to defend themselves as opposed to biological defenses, as they are weaker and more fragile than their Bulfa counterparts. Reproduction in Lombards is similar to that of humans, with an average of one to two offspring. This has been changed with technology, and Lombards tend to use artificial methods of reproduction rather than biological.

A strange attribute in Lombards is their inclination towards being naturally intelligent and mechanically-inclined, regardless of environmental or genetic factors. It is unknown why these traits remain dominant and unchanged in a Lombard.


Bulfas are shorter and are more adapted to fighting rather than fleeing. As such, most Bulfas are naturally strong and well-built. Bulfas are more need-based rather than social, and as such they have more biologically defensive traits, such as claws, heightened senses, and low-light vision. Reproduction in Bulfas is similar to that of humans, with an average of three to four offspring. Technology has no effect on this, and Bulfas continue to reproduce purely by biological means. Bulfas psychologically are more diverse than the Lombards, this means that they do not have any sort of genetic phenomenon that causes them to be specifically inclined towards any sort of subject or field.


All Fumerians have enhanced hearing capabilities and are resistant to cold temperatures. However, the similarities of Fumerian abilities stop there, and diverge into different abilities between the Lombards and the Bulfas.


Lombards can have any combination of abilities that they all learn in due time, but there are a few biological abilities that every Lombard comes innately with.

Lombard Intellect is the genetic oddity that occurs in almost all Lombards. It is the ability to develop and retain mechanical and technological knowledge very quickly, and to tend to display traits of intellect. As such, it is concluded that most, if not all, Lombards are innately intelligent and mechanically inclined to some degree.

Lombards are also built to have great agility and reflexes. Physically fit Lombards are capable of jumping in mid-air, running quickly, and absorbing the shock from a 15 foot fall without harm. Lombards also tend to have quick reflexes, likely from the few feline traits they inherited.


Bulfas also have a few inherent talents that are separate from Lombards.

Bulfas have retractable claws that they can use in self-defense. They are also noticeably stronger than their feline counterparts, and are less fragile.

Bulfas, being more spiritual, have an inherent affinity to Prana, albeit weak, and may tap into it in dire situations for Magic.

Bulfas also have heightened senses that stem from their vulpine roots, and can sense and detect various stimuli very quickly.


Much like humans, Fumerians- being a free-thinking sapient race in a futuristic era- strive for more than just basic survival, and behaviors between individual Fumerians are very diverse and complex. There are, however, some stereotypical behaviors that are commonly seen among the two Fumerian races.

Lombards are commonly seen as intelligent, communal, sociable, and mechanically-inclined individuals. They favor tasks and roles in society that fit those needs.

Bulfas are commonly seen as strong, tactical, combat-ready, and lacking in fear or pain, and as such favor tasks and roles in society that fit those needs.


How Fumerians evolved is unknown, as there is no creature that is extremely similar to the Fumerians. Biologically, the closest creature to Fumerians on Karthoum are humans, which supports the Cult of Dakology's theory of their creation. However, scientific evidence on how the Fumerian species evolved is rare and vague, so it is still unclear how the species evolved.