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Tobias Shaver
Tobias Shaver.jpg
Tobias as a teenager








Euthoran Shapeshifter (Human-Darkwing Firedrake hybrid)




Soul Phantasms

Necromancy, Dracoimpery


Euthoran Pantheon; later goes rogue


Jason Shaver (father), Niraya Aliira (mother, Prime Timeline), Destiny (mother, Alter Timeline)

"Then again, how many people can say that the voices in their heads are telling the truth?"
— Tobias in a conversation with Carnelia

Tobias Shaver (referred to by close friends and family as Toby) is a Shapeshifter and human-Darkwing Firedrake hybrid. He is the son of Jason Shaver and Niraya Aliira in the Prime Timeline, and the hypothetical son of Jason and Destiny in the Alter Timeline. A supporting character in Euthoran Song's plot Untamed Beast, he later goes rogue and becomes an antagonist in the minor plot The Tolling Bell. As a dracoimperist, his Familiar is the Phasma known as Raiereí.

Because he is a hybrid of several different species, his elemental Alignment defaults to Water because he is a Shapeshifter. He does not inherit Jason's Dark Alignment.


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Like Jason, Tobias favors his human and wolf forms and has access to his Feral State, but does not use his dragon form as much. He inherits Jason's black primary color, but his secondary and tertiary colors are white and crimson respectively. Instead of his father's piercing green, Tobias's eyes are a cold blue, and turn red in his Feral State.

Human Form

Tobias heavily resembles his father in this form. They share the same dark hair, sharp eyes, slightly above average height, and pale complexion. However, Tobias is considerably leaner- almost scrawny- in all forms, most noticeably in his human form.

Wolf Form

Tobias appears as an overall normal black wolf, though slightly smaller and with longer legs and shorter fur. He bears distinct white markings on his head and tail.

Feral State

Similar to Jason, Tobias's Feral State carries both his secondary and tertiary colors, creating white and red markings along his body which bring out the glow of his red eyes. In contrast to Jason's vein-like markings in his Feral State, Tobias's pattern is more akin to a network of circuits.


Prime Timeline

Alter Timeline

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

  • Shapeshifting:

Learned Skills


Soul Phantasms

  • Necromancy:
  • Dracoimpery:






Prime Timeline

  • Jason Shaver: Though it starts out strong, Tobias's relationship with Jason weakens during Untamed Beast due to the former's growing instability and the latter's inability to notice Tobias's mental state before it is too late. Though there is love on both sides, and Jason is fiercely protective of his son, a rift forms between them as Tobias grows older. Eventually Jason is forced to be the one to kill Tobias to protect Euthora.
  • Mimring Thunderscale:
  • Niraya Aliira: Tobias had little interaction with his mother, as he was quite young when she was killed. He only remembers that they were close.
  • Raiereí:
  • Starlight Thunderscale:

Alter Timeline




  • Like his father, Tobias has a love of music. His instrument of choice is the piano.
  • Tobias's existence in the Alter Timeline is entirely hypothetical; his father might not even survive long enough for Tobias to be born.