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Liliyani Minskemiln


Lilia, Galya, Lili


17 (Prime Timeline), 18 (Alter Timeline)




Paramushiir Human





Soul Phantasms



Zhennka Shi Unit


Daien Minskemiln (Grandfather, deceased), Hitomi Kotō (Grandmother), Captain Pan Minskemiln (Aunt), Xiaoqing Lang (Mother, deceased), Reikovic Minskemiln (Father), Ikan-Su Minskemiln (Brother)

Liliyani Galina Minskemiln is one of the protagonists of Kirenyun's Imprinted in the Dissonant Rhapsody canon. She is an early graduate of the Quirenyun Technical University on Kirenyun, Mantua, becoming a scientist studying the field of genetics and medical auxiliary. Being the daughter of Major General Reikovic Minskemiln of the Zhennka Shi Unit, she has at her disposal a vast knowledge of military norms and skills on top of her amazing talents.


Liliyani is a woman of average size, reaching up to 5'4" tall and is of a fair weight. She has a faint blonde hair neatly held together by a thin band and occasionally donning a bandanna. Additionally, she has icy blue eyes like her late mother.

Her primary outfit consists of a one piece oriental white dress with an elevated collar and a short jacket over it that reaches down past her chest. In her debut chapter of Kirenyun's Imprinted, during the events of "Operation: Ribbon Seeker," Liliyani is depicted as wearing an old khaki field soldier uniform, altered in order to fit her more feminine tastes. Such alterations include converting the pants into more flexible shorts, and changing the overcoat to better complement her figure. After that, Liliyani is one of the few characters in Kirenyun's Imprinted to constantly change their outfit.


[To be played out]


Fighting Style

Liliyani's fighting style depends solely on range and maintaining such a condition during battle. [More to be added]

Skills and Abilities


  • Kotou Sphragiturgy:
  • Dream Illusionary Impulse: Also known as D.vII, is a subsidiary branch of Li-Ten Kiyerumi's spell type called "Delirium Illusionary Essence", or D.vI. [Expand on this later]

Inherent Abilities


Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

Unfortunately for Liliyani, she was born without any Soul Phantasms, garnering her the label of "powerless." Though such an event is rare among families with a strong power heritage, specialists believe it was fate that prevented her from donning any supernatural abilities.Though such reasons are still shrouded in mystery.

This has not been much of a problem for her as she goes on to focus on magic. Studying and creating her own personalized branch of spells revolving around the arcane, though taking a much different route. Also, such problem pushed Liliyani to begin studying the subject of Genomeology; a field which focuses on the composition of both physiological genetics and soul genetics in order to find out why she was born a certain way apart from the rest.




  • Boundary Gauntlet:Liliyani created specialized battle gauntlets as a child for the sole purpose of having her spell crest handy, extra mana pools, and cutting off the cast time by use of a medium. It is retrofitted with Saezen metal "circuits" with various micro connector endings made of Saezerite and another unidentifiable crystal. Such connectors vaguely mimic one's Mana circuits and pools. Overtime the glove accumulates large quantities of Mana from the environment and due to the nature of the Saezen metal found within the glove, she is able to store an immense quantity of Mana given if she does not utilize the gloves for a period of time. When in use, the gloves themselves turn transparent and let out a strange gas-like stream from the sides near her thumb and pinkie finger. Space slightly distorts around them, giving off a strange aura until manifesting it's usual trait of a "boundary bubble." Typically and without much effort, such "bubbles" are visible to the naked eye. But on command and in respect to certain spells, it can often hide the boundaries within items and areas, re purposing them to adopt a trigger function . Liliyani's usage of the gloves revolve around crafting spells. There are various micro carvings of spell crests found on the wrist of the gloves.




  • Major General Reikovic Minskemiln: Liliyani holds her father in high regards and generally looks up to him and his accomplishments. She is very close to her father and tends to follow in his footsteps when it comes to honor and pride. The two have a very healthy father-daughter relationship and love each other very much although Liliyani is visibly the only one who openly shows her esteem with loving embraces and cute talk.





  • The surname "Minskemiln" is a unique surname given to her ancestor. It is the only Grenian surname relating to Minsk, their former moon goddess. It's meaning is "Moon Man."
  • During Liliyani's character development, she was originally named "Lilia Lange" but has been changed to "Liliyani Minskemiln" to reflect her relation with Reikovic Minskemiln
  • Liliyani is the only woman shown in Kirenyun's Imprinted that has graduated from a University.

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