Raiden Version 23

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Raiden Version 23
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Rai-Rai, Takáshouha Raiden, Ni'Honho


19 (Prime Timeline), 20 (Alter Timeline)









Soul Phantasms

Vectors, Electroimpery, Sorsimpery


Zhennka Shi Unit



And as the god of luck and electricity blessed the land with his powerful display, the resonating beats of thunder echoing throughout the land roared on. Roaring in announcement, in a fanfare of the arrival of yet another strike of pure energy. Lightning. Another one of its own...
— Introductory Flashback, Kirenyun's Imprinted

Raiden Version 23 (later known by the name of Raiden Takáshouha) is a Diclonius, and one of the survivors of the collapse of the GARNET Research Facility's DEICLONOS project on Phantasia.

In the Prime Timeline, he assumes an important role in Kirenyun's Imprinted as a member of the Zhennka Shi Unit after having been transported to Mantua, where he settles for the remainder of his life.


Raiden's Uniform
Raiden stands at a height of 6'2" and weighs approximately 140 pounds. Throughout Kirenyun's Imprinted, his attire consists of a thick, dark gray jacket with an elevated gold collar, black shoulder pads, and white arm-length gloves. To accompany the Mantuanese human uniform he is initially outfitted with, he wears dark gray pants and black boots, along with a crimson armband that bears Mantua's insignia - the Sky Serpent.

When dispatched to missions of high classification, his attire is replaced with a black sneaking suit that is mostly heat resistant and provides extra support for strength and endurance. Its special fabric, nicknamed Genko-Taká (soul fabric), harmonizes with one's Soul Component to impose an enhancement of an individual's physiological tolerance and strength. Various belts wrapped around his waist and inner thighs provide Raiden the space to store ammunition and weaponry.


Kirenyun's Imprinted

At first glance, Raiden seems to be a genuine blunt brute that does not hesitate in pointing out something that may conflict with his interest and ideals. Generally respectful, intelligent, and at times sarcastic, it may look as though he does not have any knowledge of fun. He doesn’t. However, his willingness to attempt new things and an overall iron-willed attitude towards situations seem to allow him to adapt to anything quite well. However, Raiden does have some problems regarding his social skills at times, causing him to sometimes miss social gestures and cues.

Despite being new to Mantua, he seems to portray a sense of security in his surroundings which manifests in him being headstrong, confident, and assertive to what he wants or does. He is a natural calculating man and isn't the one who likes to improvise without making proper arrangements to plan out his actions beforehand. Behind that, he does have some moments of tenderness of sorts; that being understanding, a great listener, and empathetic. Though he restricts such traits a lot out of a backhand survival mentality.

Personality wise his fearless nature and strong, borderline aggressive attitudes keep him from faltering. Raiden has one inner fear of losing control of himself because of his anger issues.

Skills and Abilities


  • Kotou Sphragiturgy: [...]

Inherent Abilities

One of his very few strengths is his observant nature and hyper attention to fine details. This has aided him before during his escape from GARNET where he spent years mentally recording details on guard movements, scientists, and structural flaws. Though it is not much of an immunity but an affinity, Raiden is not normally harmed by electricity. A specific vector will always manifest to absorb the electricity and store it in his inner electric core.

  • Adaptability: The result of Raiden's abnormal psychological/physiological mental form. He is a quick learner and very attentive, and because of such advantages he could even mimic abilities with practice. His body is highly accepting of any change and will adapt accordingly.
  • Heightened Senses: Raiden's senses are sharpened to a point that is much higher than the average human. His body and mind can sense soft movements from afar, alerting him to the presence of friend and foe alike from an impressive distance. Additionally, he is able to sense the overall 'mood' of a target or situation with relative ease. These two factors typically cause Raiden to be in a very alert and resolute state. It is likely that Raiden developed these powerful sensory applications as a result of his captivity within the GARNET Research Facility.

Learned Skills


Soul Phantasms

  • Electroimpery: Through natural means or not, Raiden has an affinity to lightning and has shown to use it as a medium to execute spells and improve the overall performance of his vectors. There is an inner "core" deep within Raiden's being that produces an Eon-enhanced electricity which Raiden can readily extract to do his bidding. There are some moments where Raiden can actively release shots of lightning without any physical movement, vector movement, or verbal cues, also called Electrokinetic assaults.
  • Sorsimpery: Raiden's manipulation of fate comes from the enhancements made by GARNET to his Soul Component. He is able to bend, change, sever, seal, and tie fates to his own. The varying effects of his ability to do this is yet to be fully understood.
  • Vectors: At will, his psychokinetic limbs can change into deadly sharpened "javelins," piercing arcs, drills, and can be split into individual strands of vibrational frequencies that can impact a target from as far as 7 meters away. As far as his vector style is like, it adopts both an offensive and defensive style equally. He has 7 vectors to his disposition.


  • Unchaining:


  • Knife: A standard military knife that accompanies the gun for basic close-quarters combat.
  • Socom Handgun: As required in his unit, he must carry around a very hefty Socom tactical handgun for defensive purposes only. In the event his vectors cannot be used, Raiden's skill with guns are decent enough to carry him to safety.


Raiden's combat style is a mix between true physical attacking and precise striking using his Vectors. His vector style is free flowing and natural, showing that his psychokinetic limbs are not only weapons but a true extension of his very existence and capable of harmonizing with various energies such as Mana, Eon, and Prana. Raiden's fluid movement allows him to keep distances between his targets at a manageable medium to allow his vectors a clear chance to tear and pierce through enemies and defenses. There are other factors that Raiden introduces in battle such as the use of Signaturgy, or the vast art of sealing and isolation magics. Part of his style besides fluid strikes is establishing an environment where he feels fully in control and imposes conditions that follow his terms. Those can range from environmental changes, mana density within a sealed off area, and using sealed areas to extend his vector range when needed. If given the chance, Raiden may also seal away powers to incapacitate enemies.

Unfortunately there is a weakness that he and his kind cannot take. High frequency vibrations. When introduced to it, Raiden is completely unable to use his vectors or concentrate. Without proper precautions, that can easily become a huge factor in incapacitating him almost every time.


Dissonant Rhapsody

  • Liliyani Minskemiln: "10/10 would bang." [/placeholder]
  • Xanadu Paperblack: Raiden's relationship with Xanadu is very twisted and strange as the two compliment each other well. Xanadu's unpredictable personality contrasts with Raiden's organized and unwavering persona. Clashes between the two often bring out their inner selves and attitudes and for the moment Raiden considers Xanadu a good, if also troublesome, person to keep in company.



  • "So this is what being an operative here is like." - Raiden, thinking pensively upon the life as a member of the Zhennka Shi Unit
  • "And it's good to see someone who at least has a little faith in the new guy."
  • The Major: "I trust... that you will not hinder this important assignment, Ni-honho."
    Raiden: "I won't. Unless you doubt the entire group behind me too."
    The Major: "I don't in the slightest."


  • "Takáshouha" roughly translates from Mantuanese into "Spirit of Man".
  • In regards to his arm band, Raiden wears it on his right arm. This is significant because it is common knowledge in Mantua and her sister worlds that each soldier must wear a sign of their loyalty on their left arm. The left arm, being close to the heart, represents the soldier's undying loyalty and love for his nation, therefore is trusted to be a reliable soldier and more importantly, a true citizen. Since Raiden is forced to wear it on his right arm, it either means he is defiant about his alliance to Kirenyun and the Nekuma Empire or as a means of shaming him for being an outworlder.
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