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Tatsuo Yoshiro




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Soul Phantasms

Artificial Eonimpery


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Tatsuo Yoshiro is a Mantuanese human, and a member of the Zhennka Shi Unit. He is an expert gunman, making capital usage of his artificially-induced Eonimpery, but also suffers from split personality disorder.

In Kirenyun's Imprinted, he [...].



Kirenyun's Imprinted

Normally, Tatsuo is rather aloof and introverted. He almost always stays by himself, save for times when he is with one of his long-time friends. Even then, he hardly speaks, his voice only heard when he has something important to say. He has a very fast mind, and can plan out situations several steps ahead of the current status. On occasion though, he can become mean and sadistic. While this is not very often, it usually comes at pivotal points, especially when fighting strong enemies. Thus, many of his most important decisions have been made by his other personality.


Fighting Style

When fighting, Tatsuo takes full advantage of his hyperkinetic abilities, as well as his artificial Eonimpery. He is equally comfortable fighting close or from a distance. When up close, he uses a highly acrobatic form of martial art meant to confuse the enemy by seemingly striking from all sides at once. From a distance, he uses his incredible aim to amplify his Eonimpery to true deadliness.

Soul Phantasms

  • Artificial Eonimpery: Due to experiments performed on him as a child, Tatsuo can manipulate an artificial form of Eon energy that, due to the unfinished job the machines infusing the energy did,are colored red and blue instead of the usual white. However, he manipulates the energy in balls that can separate and combine in such ways that they can become flurries of the multicolored energy. However, due to lack of skill, Tatsuo usually channels the energy through his guns, as they serve as a focus point.


  • Hyperkinesis: Tatsuo has an amazing ability to judge his surroundings and trajectories of oncoming attacks, bullets, arrows, energy attacks, etc. with incredible accuracy. He can dodge things with the precision of precognition, he can find ways to areas that most people would never see, and he has near-perfect aim.


  • Shèng: The gun that he carries in his left hand is an honestly outdated revolver with religious symbolism etched onto it. This is the source of Tatsuo's blue Eon energy when firing.
  • Yuànhèn: The gun that he carries in his right hand is a modern weapon capable of firing much faster than his other gun. This is the source of Tatsuo's red Eon energy when firing.

Strengths and Immunities

Weaknesses and Fears


Kirenyun's Imprinted


Kirenyun's Imprinted

As a young boy, Tatsuo had been kidnapped by a group of thugs working for an off-the-record Grenian scientist living in Mantua who was doing research into a way to artificially instill the abilities to control Eon into a normal human. Years went by with Tatsuo being essentially tortured by this man mostly mentally in general, and physically when experiments were conducted. These experiments essentially broke his mind, causing his personality to be permanently damaged. They also did a toll on his body, though the only signifier of this would be his heterochromatic eyes. Eventually, the experiments succeeded, to a degree. Tatsuo was artificially granted the ability to control Eon through those years of torture, but the machines hooked up to his body could not take the power they were transferring, and the lab exploded, with Tatsuo mysteriously surviving.

The Mantuanese government immediately knew about the explosion, and within a day, they arrived at the site, seeing a massive crater filled with a lot of technology, and the now teenaged Tatsuo unconscious in the center of it all. The military spirited him away to test out what the child was capable of. They saw that he had an extreme ability to calculate the trajectories of anything he saw moving. They noticed, however, that as his stress grew, this ability seemed to recede, sometimes even to the point that he was worse than a normal person with it. However, at the same time, they noticed that in times of extreme stress, his personality completely changed to one far more sadistic and cruel, and nearly impossible to stress out. And they tried.

They also found his rather incomplete ability to control Eon, mostly through his occasional accidental discharges. The colors were different due to the artificial nature of their onset, as well as the fact that the machines had not quite finished transferring the abilities into him. However, as time went on, and they began to train him in the use of firearms, he gradually became more skilled in the use of Eon, though he is best at channeling it through his guns, and is even now hardly able to control it without them.



  • In Kirenyun's Imprinted, it is a running joke among the soldiers of the Zhennka Shi Unit to make new soldiers challenge Tatsuo to a shoot-off, usually as the subject of a bet. Tatsuo is completely oblivious to the fact that the soldiers do this, and just assume the challenges come as the new soldiers picking him for some strange reason.
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