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Xanadu Paperblack
Xanadu Paperblack
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Appears 16 (Kirenyun's Imprinted)




Hemovore (True Vampire)




Currently Unknown

Soul Phantasms



Zhennka Shi Unit


​Count Blood Paperblack (father), Elysium Paperblack (sister)

"Now! They say I cannot be out there without someone else looking over me, so you'll be my supervisor this time. Right? Riiight?"
— Xanadu Paperblack addressing Raiden Version 23 in the opening scenes of Kirenyun's Imprinted

Xanadu Paperblack is a Hemovore, originally from Lienaell, Phantasia. She is the "daughter" of Count Blood Paperblack in name alone; in reality, she was transformed along with her sister, Elysium Paperblack into a Hemovore in an attempt for Blood to create another Progenitor. Xanadu is essentially discarded once Blood is successful with the conversion of Elysium.

In the Prime Timeline, Xanadu appears in Kirenyun's Imprinted. Under unknown circumstances, she arrived on Mantua, "joining" the Zhennka Shi Unit under containment due to her immense threat level.



Xanadu is insane. Her deranged behavior heavily fluctuates according to the situation--it never truly stabilizes, but rarely goes beyond the boundaries set in the spectrum of her own mental condition. During her moments of rationality, she is a rather active--if not childish--person who displays a facet of innocence and curiosity on the world. Xanadu's approach is logical and, to a certain extent, sensitive... only broken by a distinctive lack of empathy regarding the people she is not regularly associated with, as if they were simple objects. However, her lunatic self is absolutely merciless, to a point she is primordially driven by a nigh-insatiable desire for slaughter and, above everything else, for more and more blood.

Skills and Abilities


  • Esoterica Sanguis: It is not Hematoimpery that makes Xanadu exceedingly lethal when blood is present, but the innumerable magical properties and behaviors that can be potentially applied her own. Through the usage of a specialized branch of spells, she is able to achieve a number of highly-advanced magiological techniques such as spatial displacement via bloodstained surfaces, rapid formation of arsenals of assorted weaponry with impossibly small quantities of blood, projection of illusions using blood as a medium, between others. However, Xanadu is absolutely dependent on her own, special blood (the "D-Blood") to execute the Magic that is known as Esoterica Sanguis.

Inherent Abilities

  • D-Blood: Possessing bizarre properties, the blood that circulates through her body in erratic, yet cyclical patterns is the primary reason as to why Xanadu is restrained the way she is--the anomalous liquid known as D-Blood harbors exorbitant quantities of active Mana, which is released and turned highly unstable when isolated from her body. The D-Blood is, in reality, the very quintessence of her otherworldly magic, as it appears to be deeply infused with invisible concepts and components whose existence are imperative in order to properly execute her unorthodox techniques, much like a spellcaster would require thoughts, incantations, or symbols to influence the world. Although it coexists with Xanadu on a fundamental level, it does not prevent her from following the principles and laws of Mana Theory. How she transmutes the blood or flesh (if any) she consumes into D-Blood, and how the substance acquires such properties, is unknown.
  • Soul Vampirism: Xanadu is biologically dead; every internal organ has completely ceased their respective functions, laying perpetually dormant and only serving as containers of her blood along with vessels, arteries, and veins. All, except by her brain, which in turn compromises the entirety of her nervous system as she is able to receive tactile stimuli as normal. As a Hemovore, she is ageless as her body shows zero signs of biological decay or aging, and she does not need to sleep or consume anything aside from regular doses of blood. Xanadu has monstrous strength which is only paralleled by Raiden Version 23's vectors', equally amazing physical endurance to sustain the previous point, and also has proven to be extremely swift and agile.

Learned Skills


Soul Phantasms

  • Hematoimpery: Considering the degree of manipulation she has demonstrated during multiple instances, Xanadu's innate power to control blood might as well have boundless potential, as no true experimental limits or restrictions have been found: she has complete mastery over it under any state of matter, including solid, liquid, gaseous and even plasmatic. However, this Soul Phantasm always requires for the liquid to be readily available in the environment, and her's is no exception to this rule. This means she cannot exert her hematoimpery on the circulatory system of living organisms including, paradoxically, her own.



  • Black Tablet: The "Black Tablet" is a relatively small, rectangular-shaped piece which is perpetually bound to Xanadu's wrists, effectively preventing her from drawing her own blood (working, as well, in conjunction with the special fabric of her sweater, which is resilient to shredding) and serving to suppress her devastating physical strength as well, though not completely disabling the usage of her arms. The black, rock-like material composing the Black Table is unidentifiable, Despite appearing to be impervious to damage, it shows signs of deterioration such as minuscule scrapes, dents and abrasion. Xanadu has perfectly adapted to this contraption, going to the extent of using the Black Tablet as a bludgeoning weapon.


While almost invariably resorting to immediate methods of inflicting damage upon herself that would draw blood, Xanadu will use her monstrous strength in particular as an opener if no such means currently exist, taking advantage of the Black Tablet as means of brutal offense while factoring in impressive agility used to disorient and outspeed enemies. Her own state of apparent physical health is ignored during combat due to her extremely destructive abilities, as once D-Blood has been spilled, her overall aggressiveness and battle dominance will increase in exponential levels as her range of available techniques will, in turn, increase.


Prime Timeline

Kirenyun's Imprinted

  • Lucea Varikoi:
  • Raiden Version 23: Xanadu's relationship to Raiden (whom she refers to as "Rai-Rai") is that she is particularly curious about him. When he was placed in her cell, he did not mentally break, which instilled within her a distinct sort of curiosity.




  • Although she is perfectly aware of the methods that are employed to restrain her, Xanadu is indifferent towards this fact, going as far as to point out how "horrible" the consequences would be if she were to be freed.
  • Xanadu can and will devour her victims if possible, even though the only element which is truly necessary for her is their blood.
Zhennka Shi Unit
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