Reikovic Minskemiln

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Reikovic Minskemiln


Major General Minskemiln, Reiko, The Major, Codename: Silver Phoenix (formerly)


49 (in Kirenyun's Imprinted), 29 (Quiyon Legacy: Destiny's Edge)




Western Grenian Angelic





Soul Phantasms

Achlympery, Sonoimpery


Zhennka Shi Unit


Daienre Minskemiln (father, deceased), Hitomi Kotō (mother), Captain Pandora Minskemiln (sister), Kaminari Lange (wife, deceased), Liliyani Minskemiln​ (daughter), Ikan Sū-Lang (stepson)

Major General Reikovic Minskemiln (legally Reikovic Kotō-Minskemiln) is a main character in Kirenyun's Imprinted and the primary protagonist of the Quiyon Legacy: Destiny's Edge story prior to Standard Canon Time. Although he is natively Mantuanese, he is the child of Daienre Minskemiln, a Grenian immigrant and Hitomi Kotō, a nobleman's daughter, which sparks cruel racism towards him regarding his mixed heritage. This racism is also the catalyst of his enlisting in the Quiyon Colonial Army. During the Genome War waged with Syelsumoia, Reikovic was chosen by unofficial leaders of Quiyon to directly combat Syelsumoia's final forefront of war in the Zurikgrad Isles. After a successful fight, Reikovic was honored as one of Mantua's greatest war heroes, thus leading him to become lead Major General and the leader of his own special forces unit, the Zhennka Shi Unit.


Standing at 7'1" , Reikovic is arguably one of the tallest and built of the Kirenyun army. His most defining feature is his phantom blonde hair, silver eyes, well-kept facial hair, and fair pale skin that does show scarring and wounds from his previous tours around former war sites. Reikovic's usual attire is a black military general dress uniform with black gloves, boots with unfitting spurs, and barrette. He always carries around a red scarf tucked from all sides. In his younger days his hair was usually styled as a buzz cut as per military protocol. However in Kirenyun's Imprinted, he allows his hair to grow at least past his ears but not quite letting it reach the neck.


The Major is quite literally an emotional wall who does not bend to any wills other than his own and will go through great lengths to put people in their place.

Reikovic, much like Raiden Version 23, is strangely inclined to deal with tough situations through means of anger and aggression as a way to "vent" and help them overcome issues, which is one of many problems the Major has that causes his underlings to hold an inkling of doubt towards his ability to lead. However, Reikovic is also very calculating and incredibly observant towards individuals and situations. He never allows personal matters to interfere with decision making with his unit, as shown with Operation: Ribbon Seeker where he maintains eerily focused and centered when he knows his daughter is among the ones captured.

He is shown to also have a grand sense of pride for his unit and in general his heritage. Pride and arrogance, though somewhat subtle, are constantly shown during his appearances.


Fighting Style

Reikovic has so far shown to prefer close combat rather than ranged. An unfitting and unique style for an Angelic.

[Insert would-be fighting scenes of QI that haven't made their way out of my imagination]

Soul Phantasms

  • Achlympery: This power comes from the western angelic bloodline of the Grenian Angels. Reikovic has so far shown an exceptional skill with this power, so far as using it to literally become "one" with darkness for stealth and offensive purposes.
  • Sonoimpery: According to some of his former unit members, Reikovic's dominion over sound is quite "terrifying". He has been known to shatter the very minds of people simply due to the sheer power he projects through high sound frequencies. Though in Kirenyun's Imprinted it is not known what are the limits of this power



Strengths and Immunities

Weaknesses and Fears




  • "All freedom does is release unbound potential. Allow forbidden actions to be done without persecution. It can go both ways; towards good, or towards evil. The execution of such potential is up to the one who holds it themselves, and knowing her, its wise to keep such potential locked away. Hidden." - Prior to debriefing, Kirenyun's Imprinted
  • "You all should listen, and listen clearly. As residents of our fine establishment, I expect all of you to be aware of your surroundings: Know whats around you, who, and know each sound, colour, and goddamn movement at all times." - The Major reminding his soldiers about his expectations in camp.


  • The surname "Minskemiln" is a unique surname given to his ancestor. It is the only Grenian surname relating to Minsk, their former moon goddess. Its meaning is "Moon Man."
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