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Dominant Race(s)

Humans, Eisites

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Rotation Period

Weleu is a planet orbiting a single red giant star. It is of average size and has a few pools of magical substance scattered across it's surface. Made largely (70%) of water, Weleu has slightly less gravity than most planets of its size.



Yr Adar

Yr Adar is the home continent for the Eisites and consists of a mountain range, forest, desert, and savanna as well as sulfur-like pools. If approaching from the eastern coast one will come across the sulfur pools first, then a valley carved by a river, then the forest, and finally the mountain range and savanna. To the north would be the desert, and the origins of the river in the form of a lake nearly on hundred miles across. Later joined by a second smaller river before the valley fed by a lake roughly fifty miles across.


Niranahein is the home continent of the planet's humans.


There is a very large variety of regions due to Weleu's temperate climate. The desert on Yr Adar is further north than most deserts.

Major Landmarks

On the continent Yr Adar there is a mountain range which marks a formidable separation between the savanna and forest regions.

The river O'Dywod formed the valley of the same name between the pools of sulfur and the forest.

Scattered throughout the surface of the continent Yr Adar are magical dead zones, blocking different colors of magic. One at the center of the sulfur pools blocks red magic, the only form of combat the Eisites have.




Eisites are the general term for the magical birds of the continent Yr Adar. They are roughly six times the size of the birds on Terra.


Humans live on the continent of Niranahein.

Native Species

The humans and Eisites consider each other as humans view lesser creatures (such as apes on Terra), rather than intelligent animals.



Eisites have mercantile hubs to purchase and sell goods as well as several hunting parties.


Eisites speak Cyrameg.

The humans speak Galigae.


Eisites have developed a source of magic the planet filters into categories based on color. They grow trees large enough to live in and will occasionally weave together reeds to form homes.


Eisites have not advanced much further technologically than carving objects into simple weapons.

The humans are on the brink of discovering gunpowder. They build their cities of wood, stone, and straw. They have a mastery in the crafting of iron as well as in the arts, namely painting.


The Eisite pantheon includes several gods, one for each family of animals- an Eisite god, a canine god, a human god and so forth.

The humans believe that there are two gods, one that is good and one that is evil.


The Eisites still possess kings and nobility, with rather large groups of nobles. The nobles are most commonly carnivorous with the royal family consisting predominately of owls, merchants are largely omnivorous, made mostly of corvids, and the lower classes are all herbivorous, such as robins and finches.

While the human society also includes a monarchy, their upper class is generally smaller than that of the Eisites.


The Eisites view the planet's rotation in a year made up of ten months.


Notable Characters


The 200-Year War

This war involved the humans discovering the continent Yr Adar and beginning to attack the Eisites' tree homes for resources.


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