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Turn to me for all of your questions relating to the planets of Rokans and Ocera. [/B^(



Page Current Status
Eyes of the Zodia Wanted Page
Infinitum Rokans Wanted Page

Eyes of the Zodia

Infinitum Rokans

Page Current Status
Duality Genesis Wanted Page
Organization G-X (Plot) Editing


Page Homeworld Species Current Status
Abatunyx Terra Human-Cheetah hybrid experiment Editing
Acento Bane Chasm of the Unknown Human Wanted Page
Aegis Ruska Euthora Human Wanted Page
Bophez Igneite Euthora Human Wanted Page
Bratos Chasm of the Unknown Armored Wyvern-Hydra hybrid Wanted Page
Deathstorm Euthora Shadow Drake Editing
Devis Gurien Ocera Human-Chaos Eye Bearer Wanted Page
Draco Maxima Irizutákor Euthora Golden Firedrake Wanted Page
Drake Kuro Euthora Human Editing
Elevix Magnus Rokans Human Wanted Page
Erahvs Euthora Shapeshifter clone Editing
Giag Euthora/Terra Human clone Wanted Page; Making in Notepad
Grodisflare Euthora Armored Wyvern-Hydra hybrid Editing
Helix Euthora Pyrespine Wanted Page
Hexidos Urso Euthora/Terra Human-Bear hybrid experiment Wanted Page
Hobekitsu Gecar Euthora Human Wanted Page
Infinic Juptois Rokans Hitoyugure Wanted Page
Izexn Euthora Illusionary Wyvern Wanted Page
Kenchoi Sepain Euthora Human Wanted Page
Koth Grimseeker Euthora Human Wanted Page
Lord X-Giga-X Terra Human Editing
Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X Rokans Human Wanted Page
Meteor Dexus Euthora Stellar Wyvern Wanted Page
Myrahj Ekquinomezu Rokans Human-Chaos Eye Bearer Editing
Netá'roul Euthora Shadowsong Wanted Page
Nit Toi Euthora Human Wanted Page
Obiru Ekquinomezu Rokans Human-Chaos Eye Bearer Wanted Page
Omen Version 13 Phantasia Diclonius Wanted Page
Quasma Eleko Euthora Human Wanted Page
Smeremus Elephas Euthora Human Wanted Page
Xibu Uif G Euthora/Terra Human clone Wanted Page
Ymohmi Rokans Unknown Wanted Page


Page Current Status
Legion of Juptois Wanted Page
Organization G-X (Group) Editing
Warriors of the Eye Wanted Page


Page Current Status
Chaos Eye Editing
Stone of Advancing Editing; to be renamed
Zodia Spire Wanted Page


Page Current Status
Ocera Editing
Rokans Editing



Page Location Type Current Status
Atlacia Region Wanted Page
Heiyami Continent Wanted Page
Heiyohga Continent Wanted Page
Neilo Continent Wanted Page
Nenhygas Continent Editing
North Nenhygas Continent Wanted Page
Sokohgen Continent Wanted Page
South Nenhygas Continent Wanted Page
Tairikohdai Continent Wanted Page


Page Scientific Name Native Planet Current Status
Chaos Eye Bearer N/A Ocera/Rokans Editing; I guess it counts?
Dracius N/A Rokans Editing
Gemscale Naga Naja gemma nagini Rokans Wanted Page
Hitoyugure Entis tenebrae Rokans Editing
Karasito N/A Rokans Editing
Kyokuhito Entis aurorae Rokans Wanted Page
Liios Panthera imperiosus Ocera/Rokans/??? Wanted Page
Rokain Kitsune N/A Rokans Wanted Page
Rokain Liios Panthera imperiosus igneo Rokans Wanted Page
Rokain Ningyo N/A Rokans Wanted Page
Rokain Nue Panthera hybridam Rokans Editing
Shokule Entis tenebrae timeo Rokans Editing

Current Powers/Abilities of CoU Characters

(At least until I make pages for them.)

  • Giag: achlympery, cryoimpery
  • Bophez Igneite: geoimpery
  • Ymohmi: Plague Spectrum
  • Hobekitsu: manipulation of smoke
  • Kenchoi:
  • Smeremus: manipulation of memory

Timeline of Infinitum Rokans/Eyes of the Zodia

Just a reference for events within the two canons in relation to Organization G-X. Listed times are rough estimates, and are subject to change.


  • ~10000-4000 years: Warring Gods (IR)
  • ~4000 years: Rokugami create Rokans (IR)
  • ~3100 years: Possible Titanomachy thing (EotZ)
  • ~900 years: Quad War begins (IR)
  • ~854-853 years: Rikuos Faction creates superweapon (IR); superweapon is destroyed and split across the planet (IR)
  • ~498 years: Nenhygas is formed (IR)
  • ~447 years: Zodia Lord incident (EotZ)
  • ~400 years: Duality Genesis (IR); Warriors of the Eye are created and retreat to Ocera (IR and EotZ)
  • ~307-287 years: beginning events of Juptois' defection (IR and EotZ)
  • ~29 years: Lord X-Me-X-Ga-X retreats from Rokans (IR)
  • ~28 years: Juptois is sealed within Core Crevice (IR)
  • ~20 years: 13th Zodia Spire appears (EoTZ)
  • ~14 years 10 months: Lord X-Giga-X is born
  • ~14 years: Gojiken Moorn is born

Organization G-X

(Currently 3 years and approximately 2 months in length.)

  • ~1.5 years: beginning of Devis Gurien shenanigans


  • ~3-6 months: OGX II (IR)
  • ~6 months-???: OGX: Euthoran shenanigans (IR)
  • ~???: RWA (IR)
  • ~???~2 years: (IR)
  • ~2 years: Chaos Bearers are defeated by Obiru and split across the Manaverse; end of Devis Gurien shenanigans (EotZ)
  • ~2-3 years: Convergence Point (IR and EotZ)
  • ~5 years: Sigma Incident (EotZ)
  • ~5.5-6 years: Decaying Illusion (IR)