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Azzan Syphos Dmitryus
Dark with his guitar, the SGA-250 "Vampire."




76 (SCT, Prime Timeline), 73 (SCT, Alter Timeline)




Lycan-Ithzon hybrid, vampire





Soul Phantasms



Osyrhic Legion, Cult of Ustream (Cult timeline)


Kamaron Dmitryus (son), Varzha Dmitryus (wife)


Azzan Syphos Dmitryus (New Feronite name Asani ed-Dyamiti), otherwise known as Dark, is a hybrid Lycan-Ithzon vampire guitarist hailing from the city of Tristo, the Republic of St. Paul, Ferona, and currently living in the city of Jericho in its northern neighbor of the Numidium. In Feronite stories, he is responsible for the Numidian northland's use of music and sound as a power source, and is also known for teaching Judas Numidius's daughter Alexandra Numidius how to play guitar.

In the Alter Timeline, Dark appears in Cult of Ustream canon as one of the people who had a hand in the formation of the original Cult.


Dark is a hybrid of two major Feronite races--those being Lycan and Ithzon respectively. He stands seven feet, six inches in height, and posesses a pair of batlike wings that afford him the ability to fly under his own power. In addition to this, his coloring is that of a common grey wolf (outside the wings, of course, which are more in line with those of a bat color-wise), as well as bright red hair and eyes. It is especially woorthy of note that the latter two are of natural coloring for him, and that his red eyes are not as a direct result of being a vampire. As well, being a vampire gives him very visible canine teeth that are far longer than that of a normal Lycan or Ithzon. These fangs are also extremely sharp, which aids in feeding.

Being a hybrid of two Feronite races, he takes on traits from both. This is most visible in his wings, which measure at a span of around fifteen feet, and his ears, which are significantly taller and far more sensitive than those of a pure Lycan. On the opposite end of the spectrum, he is around average height for a Lycan but above average for an Ithzon, and looks fairly wolflike in overall appearance.

With regard to clothing, he generally wears very little aside from a simple pair of faded denim jeans held up by a studded black leather belt. The reason for this is that he would have to get clothing custom-tailored for his specific case due to being too tall for traditional Ithzon clothing, as well as his wings becoming obstructed by other clothing. He does not wear footwear by choice.


Dark tends towards a more laid-back, easily approachable persona, unlike many famous guitarists. This lends itself easily to his ability to fit in with groups despite his arguably quite alien appearance. In addition, he has the quirk of being quite the food connoisseur, not exactly caring what he eats as long it's food and he can fit his mouth around it. This in particular can make him come across as quite odd to some, though due to his approachability, he tends to make friends with most people he meets despite it.

When the time calls for it, he throws caution to the wind and lets his strong sense of justice take over, often thrusting himself into the fight purely to defend what's close to him.

Skills and Abilities


Inherent Abilities

  • Prana sensitivity: Dark, much like his father and eldest son Kam, is Prana-sensitive, meaning he can exercise control over his own internal Prana and harmonise Prana from other sources. This harmonisation can also be applied to other aethers, as outlined below, however since he is not sensitive to them, they cannot be absorbed.
  • Aetheric harmonisation: Dark can also use Prana to harmonise with other aethers such as Eon. Through use of this technique, he can determine characteristics of an Aether or magic system using that Aether, which can by extension be used for all sorts of secondary effects, including nullification.
  • Prana focus: Dark is more easily able to focus Prana that he has harmonised into performing specific tasks. The best example of this is flight by way of Prana; while he is capable of natural flight, he can use Prana to augment or even replace it.

[vampire shit coming soon]

Learned Skills


Soul Phantasms



  • SGA-250 "Vampire": Dark's custom-developed guitar, capable of channeling Prana. Designed by him and manufactured by Jericho-based SGA Instruments. Very angular in design, painted mostly white with the prongs being painted red to represent blood. Does not require an amplifier, and has two modes: electric and acoustic.
  • Silver sword: A simple yet elegant silver blade.







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