Judas Numidius

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Judas Numidius
Judas, hovering in place.




2000 (Current incarnation), 120000 (counting all past and current incarnations as one being)




Son of Osyrhia, commonly depicted as a Lycan vampire





Soul Phantasms

Hydroimpery, Cryoimpery, Psionicism


Osyrhic Legion, Cult of Ustream (Cult of Ustream incarnation)


House Numidius, Alexandria Numidius (daughter, eldest), Deshawn Numidius (son, youngest), Mirah Numidius (wife)

"I have lived a long enough life to know that just intentions are never so when self-proclaimed. A man who lives for and thrives in causing conflict may call his intentions just while still committing heinous, unjust acts. Justice is defined by society, not by divinity."
— Judas Numidius, Cult of Ustream - Season One

Judas Numidius (traditional Aalyasr name Eyyudza, pronounced [ɛ.ˈju:.t͡sɑ]), more commonly known as Jude, is a Feronite demigod and Son of Osyrhia whose common depiction is that of a Lycan. He takes a minor role in the Twelve--the group of twelve major Feronite deities and their relatives--as Divine Messenger and successor to the Feronite god of water, Itius Numidius. Given his surname, he is a member by blood of House Numidius, one of the three Houses that all Feronite deities belong to. He, like many other minor deities and demigods, has a limited lifespan per incarnation--five thousand years in his case--but will subsequently reincarnate in a new body with the same abilities. As a result of this, he tends to forget a lot of information between incarnations, and as such, keeps permanent records of where he's been in the Great Library of Frost Manor. In addition, he bears a strong affinity to the elements of music, and usually makes that very well-known.


Jude's appearance as commonly depicted at holy sites and in scripture is that of an average-height pure white Lycan of a more nimble build than most--though this is not an indicator of his true physical strength--but with several key differences; for one, many features that would be attributed to his skin color are a deep, watery blue instead of black, such as his nose and hand/foot pads. In many observed incarnations, his nails are also of the same hue of blue. His eyes match at all times, except when he loses control, at which point they flash to red. At any point, any of the blue-hued parts of his body may glow. As a vampire, his fangs are significantly shorter than those of Dark's, and as a result, are able to easily become hidden. As well, they are quite straight, though they protrude outward from his jaw ever so slightly, and are more hooked at the points. This allows him to latch on to potential victims far easier than any other vampire.

Jude's garb consists of a loosely Roman-inspired sort of loincloth (though in his case, it is edged by platinum and almost reaches the ground on either side) containing, on the front, a stylised depiction of the symbol of House Numidius--in this case a roughly crystal-shaped version of the yin-yang symbol, with the two opposing halves as water and fire--and the back depicting sun rising over water. In addition, he wears two elegantly-cast platinum armbands, each with a large, deep blue sapphire set into them, as well as a pair of open-toed boots bearing the same gems. In some depictions, he is found wearing a toga or even a shirt and loose-fitting white pants, but this is less common.


Jude's demeanor is very caring and personable, and he makes this outwardly-visible in the way he speaks and tries to show people that there are many ways to be happy with how they are. In addition, he usually calls everyone by their true names, unless they prefer otherwise, as in the case of Dark.

When he loses control, he keeps the formal speech pattern, but come across as crazed, or even completely unhinged. He completely lets loose, whether it be for the better or for the worse of those around him.

Skills and Abilities


  • The Frost Realm: Jude has a sort of pocket dimension in all incarnations, which he knows as the Frost Realm. He can open portals to and from this dimension at will.

Inherent Abilities

  • Vampire Abilities: Vampirism grants Jude a full complement of separate non-power abilities, listed below. Notably missing from this list are lifespan enhancements. This is mainly due to the fact that while Jude is a vampire, his specific instance is a special case; what would become Jude was partially corrupted during the initial stages of creation by Nycas, the Feronite god of darkness, and as a result, even though he dies and is reincarnated every five thousand years, all incarnations end up being vampiric.
    • Enhanced Senses: Jude has better low-light and night vision as a result of being a vampire. As well, his sense of smell is far more acute than a normal Lycan's.
    • Heightened Reflexes and Speed: As a vampire, he uses these to catch potential victims, depending on whether he feels like it.
    • Enhanced Strength: Though this may not manifest in some vampires, Jude possesses enhanced physical strength, though not to the same degree as Dark.
  • Divine Rebirth: Every five thousand years, provided ideal circumstances, Jude's current physical body "dies," and his soul is placed in a new, younger version of his most common "Biblical" depiction, with few noted exceptions. As a result of this, he loses most memories from his previous incarnation.
  • Kyale na Yasryika: The Kyale na Yasryika, or Osyrhic Call, is an ability possessed by all higher-order Osyrhic figures, first demonstrated by Jude during the conclusion of the battle with Oikeus in Cult of Ustream, and during the events of the Second Great War of the Gods in Messenger's Memoirs, though it is implied it had been used prior to both. The Call is a plea for assistance from the user's kin in Osyrhia, and is said to offer great power and rejuvenation.

Learned Skills

Special Powers

Soul Phantasms

  • Manipulation of the States of Water: This is more an all-encompassing term to describe his far-reaching ability to command, create and destroy water and water Mana in all its forms than anything, and covers hydroimpery and cryoimpery among other things.
  • Psionicism: This was borne as a result of him being created as the Divine Messenger of The Twelve; where he could not deliver messages by hand, he had to be able to deliver them regardless, so mental deliverance was the option chosen when he was created. A side effect of this was him eventually becoming trained to use the associated frequency range for other applications. Jude, through his highly-trained ability to tap into psionic and radical frequencies, has become immune to most all mortal-comprehensible mental attack. He achieves this through use of a passive system of frequency-based mental obfuscation; that meaning nobody on the outside can pinpoint exactly what his mind is operating on from one second to the next. His use of radical frequencies is both a blessing and a curse, as if a force is beyond comprehension to the mind of even the most powerful mortal, he simply loses control when trying to make sense of it.


  • Water: Due to his lineage as the son of Itius Numidius, Jude inherited his father's dominion over water as his own Domain. This extends to power over all of water's states, as outlined above in Soul Phantasms, as well as the ability to assume those states or forms.


  • Shards of Nyuomide: A set of two unmelting, nigh-unbreakable magical ice whip swords that he can summon at will.
  • White Lightning Blade: As of the conclusion of the events surrounding Oikeus, Jude is the current wielder of the White Lightning blade, the conterpart to Valen Scarletburn's Noire Macabre.


Jude's method of combat is usually very calculated and sometimes reserved. He prefers to consider outcomes before acting, though sometimes he throws caution to the wind and simply likes to show off how flamboyant he can make an attack. It is as a result of this that some of his incarnations had died before they were due to do so.



Jude has forged many relationships over his equally as numerous lifetimes, due in no small part to how approachable and level-headed he can be. From the Cult of Ustream to the unnamed group responsible for the dismantling of ARKNET and everything in between, these would last for an eternity in the Messenger's Memoirs.


Cult of Ustream

Jude, in keeping with his approachable nature, has forged friendships with many of the other Cultists, not the least of which being their leader, Jason Shaver, as well as his familiar Mimring Thunderscale. He is seen by many as a level-headed "second opinion" of sorts, despite not not formally being named as second-in-command. Given this, he can be pinned as a sort of "elite" member of the Cult.

  • Azzan Dmitryus: Upon leading the traveling group associated with Jack to Ferona, Jude met and befriended Dark. Dark would eventually leave the planet before he, Jack, and Jude would assist in the founding of what would become Euthora's Cult of Ustream.
  • Jack Evans: Jude has been a friend and traveling partner of Jack Evans since well before the formation of the Cult of Ustream, having helped him dismantle the galactic assassin empire known as ARKNET. He additionally lead Jack and most, if not all of his group to his own home planet of Ferona, where they later settled.
  • Jason Shaver:
  • Mimring Thunderscale:
  • Oikeus:
  • Stefani Roseasilmillään: Jude was largely responsible for Gaga's continued involvement in the Cult itself, having successfully prevented her from ending her own life over personal responsibility for events on Syelsumoia.
  • Valen Scarletburn: Jude also maintains a lasting and close friendship with Valen, the Scarlet Gunslinger, after helping him free himself from the grip of Oikeus, who had been sealed within Valen. However, despite their friendship, Valen refuses to let Jude assist in any matters concerning Stefani Roseasilmillään. This, as any other instance of stubbornness by any other Cultist, has been met with a sort of distaste by Jude.

Messenger's Memoirs


Creation and Corruption

What many now know as Judas Numidius came into existence over one hundred thousand years ago not as a natural birth, but as a creation of the other members of the Twelve--an umbrella term for the group of twelve powerful deities and their immediate relatives that form the upper echelon of the Feronite pantheon. Specifically, Judas, as well as, later, his cousin Dennis, were conceived and created as successors to their fathers--Itius, the god of water, and Pyrus, the god of fire, respectively. While these were their primary purposes, as all Feronite deities eventually enter into a retirement of sorts, one of the others interjected and suggested they be given more immediate responsibilities. This resulted in Jude becoming the Divine Messenger, whose job it was to deliver messages not only between the gods themselves, but also from the Realm of the Divine to the mortal plane, and to accomplish this, he was given the ability to transmit messages to mortals with his mind. However, he was not created as a deity himself, but as a half-deity taking the form of a white Lycan, so he was given a strict timeframe in whch to go about his duties--an exact figure would be five thousand years--before being recalled to the Realm of the Divine and his soul transplanted into a younger version of his current form (or, i he preferred, another form entirely).

However, very early into the initial formation of his soul, Nycas, leader of the House of Light and Dark, and Feronite god of darkness, sneakily corrupted a portion of what would become Jude, turning him into a vampire, and thus creating what has been observed to be viral vampirism. Itius would not find this out until later, at which point he would confront Nycas, who had taken the form of an Ithzon, and nearly cast him out of the Twelve by force. From this point on, every incarnation of Jude regardless of form was to be a vampire.

Growing Pains

Jude's early years and even his first few incarnations were not all smooth sailing. Having been corrupted without his knowing to become one of the earliest known vampires, his urges often got the better of him, despite being born naturally with the force of will to suppress such temptations. He would often lose control of himself, which resulted in his trademark glowing red eyes, and make attempts to feed on whatever he saw, be it animals, full mortals, or even the gods themselves. This culminated in several attacks on members of the Twelve that his corruptor wasn't too fond of, which led to assumptions that Nycas himself had been controlling him. However, the victims he chose were purely coincidental, spur of the moment decisions, as a second confrontation would reveal.

During this period, Itius--his father--taught him of the Frost Realm, a pocket dimension of sorts that, in one of his more sane moments, Jude had accidentally created. Jude, of course, did not remember doing so, as it had been during a prior incarnation, and he had lost all mental record of it when he left one of his older bodies. Upon mentioning this to his father, he instructed Jude to hold his hand out at a surface and try to trace an opening with his thumb and index finger. He, of course, complied, and as his digits drew closer to convergence, something startling--to Jude, at least--happened; his palm, as well as his eyes, began to glow a soft blue color, before a portal to the very realm his father had mentioned opened right before his eyes. At this, Itius simply let out a merry chortle, and walked in, motioning for his son to follow. It was at this point that he mentioned the memory loss, which Itius clarified had to do with his reincarnation, and asked if there was anything he could do about not forgetting key events such as these as easily as he had done. Itius answered his question with a simple suggestion; the possibility of keeping many volumes of detailed records. Jude, of course, brought up the necessity of a place to keep said records, and the idea for the Frost Manor and its Library were born. After drafting plans, he set to work building it with help from the other elemental deities, starting his first known volume off the Great Memoirs in the process. This would eventually lead into the adventure- and knowledge-seeking Jude known today, as he would begin to travel the Manaverse more and more, in search of things to write in his memoirs.

The Pursuit of Adventure: Destruction of ARKNET



  • "Now, go forth and become your own. Let no man, woman or child hold you back." - Jude in response to Gaga's apparent depression and unwillingness to forge her own fate in Cult of Ustream
  • "My creation was mired in deceit and trickery; it is no fluke that I am but a vampire, a parasite that feeds on the blood of others... However, I did not let it define me. As such, I did not let Valen's own past define him as a person. He is not truly bad, otherwise he would not have shown remorse for those who died by his--and your--hands. I am not fooled by your smearing." - Jude, in response to Oikeus' comments about Valen Scarletburn's true nature at the end of Cult of Ustream Season One.


  • His appearance in ARKNET and Cult of Ustream was not that of his initial incarnation.
  • As a result of being of divine blood as well as a vampire, Jude is immune to almost all diseases. However, despite essentially being an immortal in the strict sense, he, as well as his cousin Dennis Matthews and any other divine creations, can be permanently dealt with provided enough damage is applied to his Soul Component.
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